Professional Janitorial Services

Affordable Commercial Cleaning

Affordable Commercial Cleaning

Professional Janitorial Services are “must have” necessities.

When a business decides to invest in commercial cleaning services it signifies that they are serious about being sustainably successful. To be sustainable means to invest in the company internally and externally to ensure that every aspect of professionalism is met. Having your building properly cleaned on a daily basis reduces the wear and tear on your floors, carpet and keeps your restrooms for deterating.
Janitorial services have a wide variety of beneficiaries including; customers, employees, and the business itself. You may be wondering how such a simple thing could have such a large impact. The answer is that it affects everything, internal workers being a main beneficiary.

One benefit is that it creates a tidy and clean environment that promotes hard work. Just as professional attire for employees produces more effective work, so does a tidy environment create effectiveness in work quality.

*Tip for the client; having your HVAC regularly maintained and having your filters changed saves energy. An air conditioning system that has been properly maintained on a regularly basis will take less time to cool because dirt build up is not hindering the air circulation. In the end this will benefit employees because it reduces airborne dust mites that could be potentially harmful. In fact, according to a study done by the Epidemiology scholarly journal, “exposure to dust in the indoor office environment could be one of the causes of mucosal irritation symptoms associated with the sick building syndrome.” The author also said, “an association between office dust and eye complaints were found.”
Not only will office cleaning prevent the harmful effects of the sick building syndrome, but it will also decrease the effects of allergy related pollens remaining in your building. A business manager expects his/her employees to work efficiently, so they must eliminate as many distractions as possible including allergies.

We would suggest that as a business leader you seriously consider investing in professional janitorial services to make your employees happier and healthier, leading to the sustainable health of your business.